Music To Your Ears

One of the greatest skills that man has ever learned is to create music. Out of nothing, we can blend sounds together that are pleasant to hear, that can evoke moods and can change the outcomes of situations. Some people are born talented musicians, and others study for years to acquire the knowledge necessary to manipulate an instrument well. You’ll find music in every area of your life; on television and radio, in bars, restaurants and clubs, while you’re in an elevator or at the supermarket. It’s almost impossible to escape music altogether – you’d have to live in a remote field in the middle of nowhere!

Music can also be very important when it comes to romance. Remember your first slow dance with a girl? The sexual tension built up when you’re just a teenager can be almost unbearable – thank God we’re over that stage now! Many couples have a special song that reminds them of each other; when they get married, this is often the first song that they dance to. For centuries, it has been a romantic gesture to serenade your loved one with a song; there aren’t many lutes around any more, but singing is still a preferred method of getting your song across. The romantic comedy ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ features the late actor Heath Ledger performing ‘Can’t Take my Eyes Off You’ to the object of his affection, with the desired effects!

If you’re meeting one of our lovely escort ladies, you could incorporate music into your date. You don’t need to do anything as terrifying as serenading her – just having some music playing softly in the background will create a romantic atmosphere and will put you both at ease. However, there are unlikely to be any awkward silences because our escorts are so friendly and open; they will make you feel relaxed during your time together.

If you are a big music fan, perhaps you might like to go out with your escort in London and see some live music; guaranteed there is something on every night of the week. It could be a rock band in a music venue, a show at the Opera or a jazz trio in a hotel bar. Maybe you fancy an open mic night to see the new talent in town or you could even try your own hand by going to a karaoke! You can choose whichever type of music suits you best.