New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a tradition in the UK to make a New Year’s Resolution; a lifestyle change beginning on January 1st. Most of us struggle to stick to them because it’s usually giving up something we love – our main vices. If you vowed to stop hiring gorgeous London Escorts, how long do you think it would last? Not very, we suspect!

Every year, the same popular themes reoccur, because they’re simply so hard to maintain. Some of us have unrealistic expectations, others have no will power. To succeed, you need to have a proper plan in place and be motivated! Here are some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions; do any of them sound familiar to you?

To Stop Smoking Despite the price of cigarettes constantly increasing, so many Brits fail to kick the habit. It’s a well known fact that smoking causes diseases that can kill and quitting has multiple health benefits; smokers spend tens of thousands of pounds on cigarettes over their lifetimes. The problem is, smoking is addictive. If you want to quit, don’t expect to do it cold turkey – you will undoubtedly suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Cut down in the lead up to New Year, and stock up on nicotine patches and gum. Find yourself a new habit to keep your fingers busy, and ask your friends or family to help and encourage you. This is one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions, but the one that most people fail to keep!

To Give Up Alcohol Again, the major downfalls of drinking alcohol are the cost and the damage it does to your health. It can be addictive for some leading to alcoholism, but most of the nation are guilty of binge drinking and exceeding the recommended daily limit of alcohol units – especially over the Christmas season. If you decide to give up, find a non alcoholic tipple that you enjoy so you can order that when you go out, and remind yourself that you don’t need to be drunk to enjoy yourself!

To Lose Weight It’s an aspiration that many of us have; to be a few pounds lighter and get that dream body. The two places that people so often go wrong is by crash dieting or joining a gym. If you crash diet, your body will start craving carbs and sugar, usually resulting in you falling off the wagon in a spectacular way. It’s much more achievable to gradually cut out the naughty bits, allowing yourself a treat occasionally. If you don’t exercise, joining a gym will just mean you’re tied into a 12 month contract that you never use – money down the drain. Either start by doing something to get you active such as going jogging or joining a dance class, then when you start feeling more energetic you can find a friend to go to the gym with. You’ll be able to encourage and motivate each other rather than dropping out after 2 sessions.