Get Your Dream Job

Get Your Dream Job

Your CV’s perfect, you’ve got great recommendations and you’ve managed to land an interview for your dream job – it’s so close you can almost taste it! All you need to do now is impress the interviewer. But what if your nerves get the better of you? What if they think that you’re not up to the job, because you can’t stop sweating and shaking?

First impressions are important in every walk of life. Just like it’s important to be suave and charming when you first meet a Spelthorne escort, you need to come across as confident and capable when you meet a potential employer. There are a few things you can do to achieve this, so read on and keep this in mind when that golden opportunity arises.

First of all, dress well. If it’s an office job, wear a suit and tie that is ironed. Don’t try to stand out by wearing a crazy novelty tie – you will just look like a plonker. Wear something that suits you and fits well, and make sure it’s ironed. At times like this you will appreciate why teachers at school always told you to tuck your shirt in and do up your top button; it will get you far in the business world. If you look sloppy, the potential employer may assume that your work will also be sloppy.

When you arrive, the receptionist will probably ask you to take a seat while you wait. Unless it’s going to be a long wait, it’s better to stay standing; that way, if the interviewer comes out to get you, you will be on their level rather than below them. Take some deep breaths before you meet them to calm your nerves.

If the receptionist tells you that you can go through or that the interviewer will see you now, don’t stop and knock on their door. You’ve already been given permission to enter, so march straight through with your head held high. It will make you look confident and assertive. Offer your hand for them to shake and introduce yourself clearly before taking a seat.

When you’re in the chair, don’t sit with your elbows inside the arms of the chair, and don’t slouch or hunch over. Sit up straight with your arms perched on the chair’s arms; this position makes you look larger and more self assured, and will help you to overcome the daunting surroundings. Now you just need to wait and see what salary they offer you!