The Perfect Shave

Every woman has a different preference when it comes to their man’s shave. Some like his face to be baby smooth (perfect for kissing and oral sex), some go for stubble (a sexy, rugged look) and some like a full beard (grrr, manly). Of course, there are many different variations of facial hair – the moustache, sideburns, goatees… but we’re going to focus on the main 3 and give you some tips to ensure you achieve the perfect shave.

Smooth Many men suffer from shaving rash and discomfort, but this can be avoided by remembering the three steps to follow: Prepare, shave and moisturise. Prepare your skin by thoroughly wetting your face and hairs with a good shaving gel, foam or oil. Make sure all of the area you plan to shave is covered. Use a simple single blade razor to shave. Do not pull the skin tight as this encourages ingrown hairs. Shave in the direction of the hair growth and be careful not to cut yourself by rushing. Moisturise your skin after you have finished and washed off any excess foam. There are plenty of products available for men that are designed specifically for this purpose. Euston escorts often adore this baby smooth look!

Stubble You might have heard of the term ‘designer stubble’. This rough look was made popular in recent years by movie stars such as Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, and many women find this look attractive. In fact, a study in the UK revealed that women voted men with stubble as the best lovers! It can be achieved my using clippers or hair scissors to trim the hair to a short, even length. You can still keep the edges neat with a razor, so this style does still require some maintenance.

Beard The term ‘beard’ means a full face of hair, but can vary between anything from a short neat beard to a long ‘Santa Claus’ type. When surveys are taken, fewer women report to be attracted to men with beards. However, it can make a man appear more masculine, dominant or threatening. If you do have a beard, take care to keep it neat and clean. Always check it after eating to ensure there is no food caught in it. The beard refers specifically to the hair on the chin, cheeks and neck rather than on the upper lip, which is the moustache.