Perfect Your Appearance

The rise of male grooming has sparked discussions over the last few years. Metro-male or Alpha-male? There is neither a preference for one or the other. All women prefer guy’s to look after themselves, especially London escorts. Showered, clean, fresh and fairly groomed. A guy that knows how to save a damsel in distress whilst still looking good is a winner in most women’s books. Some people believe that this metro-sexual male boom is ridiculous. Clearing stating they like their men to be men and not over-preen. It is disappointing to conclude that some women are not open to men wishing to make-better of their appearance, even though to them it is perfectly acceptable. Having said this, reports indicate that the male grooming industry is worth an estimated £16 billion a year and is set to rise.

So with this in mind, why shouldn’t men go further then just a simple wash and go? The increase of male toiletries on the market and the ever-growing fascination with image in the media is bound to have an effect on men. For years now, women have been in touch with their image and beauty regime, so why shouldn’t men? The soar in sales is influenced by and reflected in the boom in men’s fashion. Men that effortlessly exude style are very attractive to women and London escorts. This confidence in the way you dress can be a real plus when it comes to dating. Knowing what clothes work for you and styling yourself to suit your body can really impress. Hit the shops in Oxford Street for some essential retail therapy. The difference between a confidence in your appearance and arrogance is really important though. It is rare to find a woman that finds arrogance sexy. This kind of big headed behaviour is a no-no. You may be very handsome and well dressed, but it is important you carry yourself with a touch of confidence and not a cocky bravado. Turning up to a date with your chosen beautiful female escort looking like you’ve made an effort is always going to go down well.

With the British fashion industry worth a whopping £21 billion a year, it is clear that we are an image conscious society. Some slogans that have been made popular by those in men’s fashion circles have cropped up. Mandals, murses and man-bags are all sayings that refer to the noticeable rise in men becoming more conscious about their appearance. These are not meant to be uncomplimentary, they are just a play on words. The beauty business has seen an increase in the introduction of facials, manicures and pedicures for men. These three beauty treatments are the most relaxing and enjoyable thing a girl can enjoy, second of course to an all over body massage. Why shouldn’t men be able to reap the benefits of such luxury too?

It may seem a little bizarre a notion to date a man that wears more eye makeup then you do, but where do you draw the line. Guyliner has notably been worn by rock-stars and celebrity music types for a while now. Perhaps the overall image of this emo, rock look is what makes this acceptable. Some women like this look. Russel Brand, Johnny Depp and Tim Minchin are all sexy famous celebrities that can rock this look. If it works for you then plenty of women and escort girls London will be sure to find that attractive. After all it works for Brand and Depp and they have plenty of admirers.

A new and fairly fashionable term, manscaping has shot into the mainstream by the hottest of celebrity men. The removal of body hair may be seen as disappointing to those chest-rug lovers but men are opting for the clean shaven look. This is not just limited to the chest either; men are heading for a trim or removal of hair from all over! Some women may like a hairy man, but female escorts like their men to be smooth and shaven. But does metro-sexuality and being in touch of your appearance alter your manliness? The girls at V London think that a balance between sexy traditional manliness and a guy that is in touch with his appearance is definitely a winner.