Preparing for the Weather

British weather is notoriously unpredictable. Checking the weather forecast can give you a vague idea, but it’s best not to take it as gospel! Remember how many times you’ve stepped out into bright sunshine in shorts and flip flops, only to be caught in a rain shower? Or have you lugged an umbrella and a waterproof coat around all day when they weren’t needed? It’s a real bore, and until technology becomes more advanced or the climate stabilises, there’s not much we can do about it. However, there are certain things you can do to prepare yourself for the changeable weather.

First of all, check the forecast just before you leave the house, not the day before. It can change dramatically overnight, especially if the wind changes direction. Your best bet is to check a recently updated forecast, and compare a few different ones for your local area. These can be found on the internet, the radio or the television. Don’t pay attention to the national forecasts; focus on your specific location.

There are some things you can invest in to travel light in changeable weather. Instead of taking a large, family sized umbrella, buy a small, fold up one that will fit into a bag. It will still keep you dry, but won’t require you to carry it round in your hand all day. You can also buy trousers that unzip at the knee to become shorts – ideal for a casual day out. The same goes for jackets; if you don’t trust that looming grey cloud, buy a jacket with a detachable hood to cover all eventualities.

When you’re dressing, avoid thick jumpers or coats and go for layers instead. A t-shirt with a light jacket is a much better idea, so you can cool down or warm up depending on how much you wear. If you’re particularly sensitive to brightness, take a pair of sunglasses with you. You can wear them on your head if the sun stays behind a cloud. They also tend to attract women’s attention – our Broxbourne escorts always think a man looks hot when he’s wearing a pair of shades! It creates a little mystery and also echoes the ‘movie star’ look. But whatever you do, don’t wear them indoors or at night. This will just make you look like an idiot with an ego.

Britain might have completely unpredictable weather, but if all else fails, at least you can go to the pub!