Smelling Good

You shower every morning, put on clean clothes, wear anti-perspirant deodorant and splash on the aftershave or cologne you were given for Christmas. You smell great, right? Not necessarily. Women can be very sensitive to smells, and if you’re wearing the wrong scent it could completely put her off! In most cases it’s always a better option than being unhygienic and smelling of body odour, but some colognes are so strong that they can easily offend delicate noses. We spoke to some of our Japanese escorts to find out what they thought of men and their smell.

Before you buy aftershave, make sure you test it on your skin. It smells slightly different on everyone because of how it reacts with your skin, so a piece of card given to you by the shop assistant simply won’t do. It’s also a good idea to leave it for a day before buying the whole bottle of something new, just in case any allergic reactions occur.

Men with dry skin need to reapply their scent more often than those with oily skin – it will wear off more quickly. You should put it on after you come out of the shower to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy all day long. Many guys make the mistake of trying to cover up musty smells by spraying themselves with deodorant, but this won’t fool anybody.

The most common and worst mistake is to douse yourself. You probably think that this will make the scent last longer, and make more of an impression. But this is not a good impression! Have you ever noticed anyone wince or gag as they shake your hand? This means that you have suffocated them with your over enthusiasm! All you need is a few dabs of cologne in the areas where blood vessels are nearest the surface of your skin: the inside of the wrists, behind the ears or at the bottom of your throat. Not all over your jumper, not in your hair and not under your armpits. Trust us – less is more!

Don’t keep your old bottles forever – both women and men are guilty of this. After a few years they will go off, and the smell will become rancid. If you don’t use it, throw it away. It’s also important to keep up with the trends and seasons; a light and fresh scent is best for Spring and Summer, with something more musky or heavy in the winter. Many older gentlemen still rely on their trusty favourite ‘Old Spice’, but most women actually find this scent unpleasant. If you’re feeling clueless, speak to a shop assistant about what would work best for you.