Things to Do Before You Die

The new year often brings with it new resolutions, new attitudes and a new sense of adventure. Nobody knows how long their life will be, and many choose to seize the day while they still can. Over the years, lists have been formed of things you should do before you die, ranging from achievable dreams such as swimming with dolphins, to more far fetched ideas such as “lunging wildly at the Pope” (in the words of a famous comedian – unfortunately acted out this Christmas by one crazed fanatic!).

We have scoured the world to come up with a few of the most exhilarating and rewarding things you should do before you die.

Bungee Jump from the Kawarau Bridge If you visit the beautiful country of New Zealand, you will find yourself among some real adrenaline junkies. Kiwis are known for their love of commercial bungee jumping, and one of the best and original spots for the adventure sport is the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown. This is the place where you can fling yourself from the 43 metre high ledge attached to only a cord of elastic, and dunking your head in the river on the way down is optional!

Experience Zero Gravity Unless you are prepared to spend years studying for a PHd and training at Nasa or you’re a millionaire and can afford a £140,000 seat in a Virgin craft, the chances are you won’t get to go into space in this lifetime. However, there is a way you can experience what it’s like to travel in space; in Florida, the Kennedy Space Centre has a plane that you can board and feel the zero gravity that astronauts feel. It’s how they prepare for real space missions, and it is also used in some film sets such as Apollo 13. It’s the closest you can get to the real thing!

Swim With Killer Whales This is a step up from swimming with cutesy little dolphins (if you want a taste of nature that you won’t mind bragging to your mates about). If you visit Norway between October and January, you are able to witness Orcas (killer whales) pursuing shoals of herring. They then go on to stun them with their tails after rounding them up. Not only can you watch this awesome sight from an inflatable boat, but you can get your snorkel on and join the orcas in the water!

Have the Night of Your Life Last but not least, we couldn’t let you go without recommending one of our gorgeous London Escorts to give you the night of your life! But if you’ve visited V London before, you can probably tick that one off your list…