What Makes You a Real Man?

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes you a real man? The answer is different for everyone – it depends who you ask! If you were speaking to a child, it would most likely be the qualities that they look for in a father; perhaps whoever is the strongest or the coolest. To a mother, a real man is one who is honorable and respectful. For women, real men might be whoever is the most protective or muscle bound.

There is no exact formula that makes you more manly. These days, there are so many straight men who are also ‘metrosexual’; to them, this doesn’t mean that they’re any less of a man, it just means that they are keeping up with modern times and looking after themselves. This might involve using beauty and hair products, hair removal treatments and moisturising creams. There are many designed specifically for men – just look at the latest Old Spice campaign – “The man your man could smell like”!

Some men don’t feel adequate unless they’re the biggest or the fastest. These ones will spend hours in the gym, training to improve their speed or muscle strength. Some even go to illegal measures to achieve a body builder’s shape, taking steroids. However, this is no way to become more of a man – not only is it a risk to yourself, but it’s also a fake way of doing it. As long as you’re fit and look after yourself, you’ll be man enough for your woman.

Escorts in London judge a man by how well he treats a lady; they would never respect a man who had abused a woman or thrown his weight around. They also find it a real turn off when men get too drunk, too jealous or too possessive. Unfortunately some men are under the illusion that these ‘alpha male’ qualities like these make them more of a man, but they are sorely mistaken. In fact, it just shows that they are insecure and need to lash out to cover this up. If you want to impress escorts in London, be chivalrous and gentlemanly at all times. Offer her your jacket if it’s cold and buy her a drink. Walk on the outside of the street to make it more safe for her, and ask her permission before trying anything intimate. Before long, she’ll be swooning at your manly manners and begging you to take her home!