Win Over Your In-laws

In-laws are notoriously difficult to get on with. As the family of your wife, they will probably be fiercely protective of her, and may well think that no man on earth is good enough for her. As her husband, spending time with them is unavoidable. There will be Christmases, Easter holidays, birthdays and anniversaries, and after you have children they will want to be in your life even more. You might not be able to become the son they never had, but at least getting on with them will make everyone’s life a lot easier. It will also make your wife happy.

The most difficult family member is likely to be your father in law. You have married his baby girl, which means that you share her bed and have taken away her innocence. Even if your wife used to be a party girl and sleep around, in her father’s eyes she will always be a perfect little angel. When you meet him, don’t try too hard – he will see straight through it. Just make sure that he knows how much you love his daughter, and be respectful of him. Make an effort with conversation, especially if the two of you are left alone together. Don’t call him ‘dad’ unless he invites you to; stick to using the name he introduces himself as. If he takes a shine to you and invites you to go sailing or golfing with him, say yes. Even if you find him hard work, this will help you bond and will pay off in the long run. Some of our Sevenoaks escorts have very protective fathers, but they are definitely worth the effort!

Mothers in law can either adore you or be a complete dragon – you should be able to tell within the first 5 minutes of meeting them which type they are. If they adore you, go with it. Be charming and compliment them, but never in a sexual way. Cheesy lines about where your wife got their good looks from sometimes goes down well! If she makes her dislike of you clear, take it on the chin. Don’t go bitching to your wife – you have to remember that even if she moans about her parents, you can’t. Keep making an effort to prove yourself, and when she realises that your intentions are honourable she should come round. Always remember to buy her a Christmas and birthday present too, signing your name individually so she knows it wasn’t just from her daughter.

When your wife’s parents first invite you round, take a small gift for their home, such as a bottle of wine or a pot plant. This shows that you’re thoughtful and making an effort, so they will make more of an effort to make you feel welcome.