Women in a Man’s World

In the UK, equal rights are prevalent between the sexes. Apart from some reported difference in salaries, men and women now have all of the same rights and receive the same treatment; this is a victory for all of the feminists who fought for years to have their rights heard.

These days, feminism takes quite a different form. Women love to show how liberated they are, and it’s often much to a man’s pleasure! Traditionally, it was frowned upon for women to show that they had a sex drive, but today girls proudly declare that they love sex, especially our London escorts. Some girls dress provocatively with low cut tops and short skirts, saying that it is for themselves and not for a man’s benefit. Even if it’s not intended for us, we still get to enjoy it! We applaud this form of self expression, please continue going out scantily clad…

Some ladies use their sexuality to make themselves feel empowered; they are aware of the effect they have on men and use it to their own advantage. Gone are the days when pole dancing was restricted to seedy back street strip clubs – now women can take pole dance lessons as a sport or a hobby! What genius managed to convince girls that this is a great way to stay fit? I’d like to personally thank them! Burlesque has also become a popular class to take up, and now more of the female population are picking up some sexy moves.

A phase that has swept the female nation over the last decade is experimenting with girl on girl action, exploring their bi-curious side. Hallelujah – this is every man’s fantasy! You don’t see groups of guys feeling each other up in the toilets (often), but girls have taken it upon themselves to indulge in lesbian flings! Thanks to celebrities such as Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar leading the way in the film ‘Cruel Intentions’, then Katy Perry singing “I kissed a girl and I liked it”, hoards of young women are giving it a go. You often see displays of girls kissing and grinding in bars and clubs, and we’re not going to do anything to discourage it!

Society and the media dictate that women should spend hours primping and preening, constantly striving to look perfect. They go through all sorts of pain waxing and plucking for silky smooth skin, spend money on creams and lotions, and accentuate their features with make up. At the end of the day, it’s entirely their choice whether they do all that or not, but we’d just like to mention, men really appreciate the lengths women go to to look good!