The Sanderson

Only seven years old, the Sanderson, Mayfair, is already one of London’s trendiest hotels. The hotel’s sleek design is mystical and surreal, virtually Dali-esque. You need go no further than the Lobby – take a look at it’s vivid red-lips sofa, green carpet, and sheer flowing curtains.

The purple lifts, the silver-leaf sleigh beds…Everything about Sanderson screams “style”. It truly is unique, if a little intimidating at first. Your escort will no doubt be impressed with your stylish choice of hotel!

The bar is as camp as the rest of the hotel, and has become one of the hottest spots in London. Aptly-named as “the purple bar”, it’s violent silk opera curtains, purple-etched venetian mirrors, and lavender Queen Anne chairs, make for an atmosphere that is very….purple!

A fantastical-looking place, you and your escort wil be feeling the stylish atmosphere of the place in no time as you sip Martinis at the bar.

If you’re feeling hungry, the food served in the hotel’s “Suka London” restaurant serves authentic Malaysian cuisine, prepared by acclaimed chef Zak Pelaccio. The menu mixes British, French, and Malaysian dishes, creating an appetizing spectrum of flavors.

Mixing substance with sheer style, The Sanderson is a hip yet high-class hotel for the more adventurous visitor.

Haymarket Hotel, 1 Suffolk Place, off Piccadilly Circus, SW1Y 4BP

020 7470 4000