Seeing the Sights

If you or your London escort is new to the city, you might want to do some sight seeing together. It can be romantic and exciting, with many different mediums of getting about.


This traditional method of getting around London is great fun, and very popular with tourists who are visiting London. It’s a better option if the weather is nice, as being rained on usually puts a damper on a date! The buses choose routes so that you can see all of the famous landmarks and monuments. You’ll be able to wave at passers by from up high. Don’t forget your camera!


The London Eye is a wonderful way to see the whole city from a birds eye view. Based in Waterloo, it has views of the Big Ben and houses of Parliament, St Paul’s Cathedral and the West End. Depending on your budget, there are shared capsules or private offers that include champagne and truffles served by a host. Private capsules are much more intimate and will give you an opportunity to get to know each other beter, away from the city noise. However, they are a very costly option.


The Thames runs all the way through London passing many beautiful views along the way. A romantic way to show your London escort the sights is by taking a boat ride together along the river. You will pass the London Eye and London Bridge, as well as many recognisable landmarks. You will undoubtedly see tourists leaning over the bridge to take photos of you on the boat as it passes. Just make sure that your date doesn’t get sea sick otherwise it could all end badly!


Hiring a limousine to take a tour of the city would impress any London escort. Passers by will give you looks of admiration and your date will feel like a queen. Limousines often come with champagne, so you can make a toast as you get to know each other better on the journey. This is a lavish option suitable for any weather; leather seats and luxury surroundings will put you both in the mood for romance.