South East London Escorts

South East London is a sub region of the city, generally defined by all of the areas covered by the SE postcode. These include London Boroughs such as Greenwich, Lewisham, Bromley, Bexley and Southwark. It was recognised as an official sub region of the London Plan in 2008. There are around 500,000 jobs in this area, which seems fairly low compared to the 1,300,000 people living there. However, we must take in to account all the minors who are still in full time education – these make up a significant proportion of the population.

The transport links in South East London have improved considerably since the introduction of the Docklands Light Railway in 1987. The light railway connects up to the London Underground system, and passengers can pay to travel with their Oyster cards. The DLR covers all of the areas of East and South East London that have been redeveloped, with lines ending at Beckton, and Lewisham, then stretching further north to Stratford. Important stops include Woolwich Arsenal, London City Airport and the Excel Centre at Custom House. Over 60 million people use the DLR every year, proving that it has become a vital part of city life.

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Deptford Bridge Escorts

Deptford Bridge is the area directly situated around the DLR station of the same name in Deptford. A comparatively small area, it is often considered one of the most exciting areas of Deptford to visit, and nowhere in the entire area of Deptford will you get a more authentic Deptford experience that in Deptford Bridge. Having a DLR station inside its boundaries means that accessing the area is a piece of cake, no matter where else in London you are coming from. Getting to other areas of London is equally as easy.