Spice Plaza

Situated in London’s upper-class west Hamsted district, Spice Plaza provides some of the best authentic Indian cuisine in the city. Somewhat hard to notice, the restaurant is hidden among a busy parade of shops. It’s basement dining hall is well removed from the hubbub, however, providing a relaxed and discreet environment.

“Relaxed” is certainly the key word. Soft, slow Indian tunes resonate throughout the room, and there is a definite air of almost Buddhist-like serenity in the restaurant.

Like the atmosphere, the food is to a high standard. All the usual Indian fare, with plenty of choice for vegetarians. The light and fluffy rice is prepared to perfection, and the chicken is so tender that it breaks away without the use of a knife.

For drinks, a bar dominates half the restaurant, with a wide range of beverages available. While Spice Plaza is not the most posh of restaurants, it certainly creates a good illusion of one! A budget option for those who are less inclined to dig deep into their wallets, Spice Plaza is the perfect place to ease the strains of a long night out with your escort, with an intimate oriental dinner.

212 West End Lane,

West Hampstead,



0872 148 3790