Get in the Sun Whilst You Can!

It seems, like many, we have formed an addiction. These days, it’s almost impossible to not be addicted to something, and we find they’re often associated with bad times because it is considered too much of one thing, and so you have yourself an addiction. Judging by that last sentence, it seems we have an indifference to commas. Fortunately, we’re confident we’ve found something that we’re addicted to that isn’t that bad to be hooked on. Whilst the London escorts at V are easy to yearn for, ours is more for our safety and just because we’re interested in it really. With the weather constantly raining for what seems like forever (we think in reality it’s around two weeks), we awoke today to an abundance of sunshine through our blinds. The sudden change in weather is what forced upon us our love of weather forecasts, for the five minute downpours to the hail stones makes us wonder ‘what the eff is going on?!’ Without this, we would not have formed our addiction to permanently checking on the weather. This doesn’t mean looking out the window, but by a quick Google of ‘weather forecast’. We don’t sit here comparing, but we do like to see if the meteorologists are correctly predicting the attendance or absence of precipitation on our fair city.

The brunette and blonde escorts from V travel by car, and so there’s never a chance of them turning up at the pre-arranged destination looking like they’ve been dragged backwards through a car wash. They remain polished, primped and poised, ready to make your dreams a reality. This is the kind of professionalism that our clients have come to expect from indulging in the company of some of the most beautiful girls in the city, and we are only too happy to oblige.

The same can be said for the sunshine as the girls at V. They are not to be taken for granted, as neither they nor the sun will be around for long. This is what we mean when we’ve taken a little obsessive nature to monitoring the weather. We really want to head to the pub for a tipple in the beer garden, a place that should only be frequented if you are not wearing a coat. If you need an extra layer, then head indoors, man! Don’t be a martyr! And if you’re caught unawares, perhaps in a downpour, we can only suggest you download a weather app so you’re better prepared, like us. What can we say? Addictions can be a good thing.