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What do men look for in a woman? This is the question that women have been asking for decades now. But guys, we all know that most men consider the female form to be beautiful in itself. Many women believe that men only see looks and beauty as being the most appealing. This is simply because in the media image is portrayed as being the most valuable asset a woman can have. Pictures of busty women with perfect bodies are plastered across tabloids and television screens and for some, without knowing it, they are influenced by this. It may be the case that there are some men that will prefer to date women with a large bust and tiny frame, in which case, busty escorts will be more than suitable for you.

However, not all men feel the same. There are so many differing types of women, that it is just a case of dating the type of women you really like. Petite, curvy, short or tall, whatever floats your boat, don’t be afraid to go for it. In your mind, if you have an image of the girl of your dreams, then don’t deny yourself. Ask most men and they will say that their dream girl is far from the stereotypical media portrayal. If asked, men will openly confess to falling for women with a fun personality, average sized body and curves, an ample but natural cleavage. An woman with the self-confidence to match comes across as being the most beautiful women. Don’t get this confused with over-confidence and cockiness. London escorts will agree that because they carry themselves with an air of confidence, they are seen as being ultra sexy. However, if there confidence is exaggerated, then this can look a little desperate and try hard.

The girls on V have fun personalities and are full of vigor. It is their zest for life and all round peppy persona’s that make them popular companions. Whatever lady you might go for, there is sure to be an escort from London who matches your criteria. There has to be. There are a quantitative amount of lovely ladies at V for you to choose from. Whether you prefer blondes, brunettes, curvy or slim girls, we have them all here. We’re not suggesting you chose one to date full term, but they do provide great company for an evening or occasion. Why spend it with someone that doesn’t tickle your fancy when there are plenty of girls here at V that are bound to interest you. Whatever your type, whatever the occasion may be, the girls are available 24/7. Why not book one tonight? Go on, it is Friday after all!