My Visit to London

I remember the last time I came to London; it was a chilly and rainy November evening, and I was in a foul mood. I had just signed the divorce paper with my wife of nine years, and I decided to spend a long weekend in London for a change of scenery. I caught the National Express and arrived at Kings Cross St Pancras Station. It was my second time in London since a decade ago, and the station seemed to have undergone quite an improvement as it was looking all bright and shiny now. My mood however did not reflect the glossiness of the station, I was feeling gloomy and the cold temperature did not help. It only got worse after I stepped out for some fresh air – I had forgotten how chaotic London was!

The constant flow of both traffic and people almost made me suffocate. The high density of crowd only made me feel more lonely than usual. A sense of physical and emotional neediness suddenly crept up, I was feeling desperate to have some companionship. I was standing in the mid of the intersection with my luggage, in central London all on my own. My self pity made me take out my blackberry and dialled that number I had stored in my phone a few days before my departure, I called the London escort agency for Kings Cross escorts.

To my delight, the phone was quickly answered by a lovely voice and within minutes my booking was confirmed. It was surprising how much comfort it placed on my mind when I knew that I would soon have some warm and lovely company from a beautiful lady. My shoulders felt lighter and my back stretched straighter as I picked up my pace towards the hotel. I was already picturing a hot steaming shower to wash away all this gloom, and a nice hearty meal while I enjoy the flirtatious chats with my Kings Cross escort.

I don’t think I would have enjoyed myself at all if I hadn’t booked an escort lady to come and keep me company. Somehow, she managed to have me smiling and laughing within ten minutes of meeting her – she had such an uplifting effect on me! I had originally booked for just one hour, but when I saw how lovely she was I decided to extend, and ended up spending the whole evening with her. It was worth every penny, and turned my trip around.

  • Anon