The Mother’s Story

I will never forget the day I found out that my beautiful, intelligent, daughter was working as an Escort. It was Friday the 3rd of March and my daughter Rebecca had come home for the weekend from London to visit. I was delighted to see her and looking so well. London must be having a good effect on her I thought. She never really liked it here too small a town for her. She always wanted to live in a big city. We were so proud of her and happy that she was following her dreams. Since moving to London a year ago now we had seen very little of her. I understood though she was enjoying herself and obviously she had a good job that was paying her well, we had seen the photos of her flat, very posh. It was ever so lovely to have her home though we had a lovely weekend planned of nice lunches and shopping. I couldn’t wait to hear all about her new life.

While Rebecca was having a shower I popped into her bedroom to make her bed and that’s when I saw it. Her fancy laptop was lying open on her bed with pictures of her popping up on the screen. I know I shouldn’t have but I was curious I thought she might have had some pictures of new friends, perhaps a boyfriend on there; nothing could have prepared me for what I saw. The pictures were of my sweet Rebecca alright but they were an advertisement for her, for a London Escort company, then Rebecca walked back into her room.

I was so shocked Rebecca was shouting at me telling me it wasn’t what it looked like but I was speechless I knew what I saw and I couldn’t even look at her. Was it all my fault, had I done something terrible, to her to make her want to do this? Surely no one could do such a degrading job if they didn’t have problems? I began to cry my little girl, she was only 19 years old, how could she? How would we deal with this? How could I tell her Father he would be heartbroken?

I went out into the Garden to calm down and after a while Rebecca came and sat with me it was then I looked at her for the first time and was willing to listen to her side of the story. Rebecca explained to me that moving to London had been tough, tougher than expected, she didn’t have enough money. Being a London Escort had been an easy way to make a good living and it had all seemed so glamorous to her. She assured me Escorting wasn’t at all as sleazy as it sounded. She was simply going out for dinner with some lonely men. I was amazed and when she told me the kind of money she was making on an average night, I began to understand just how easy it was, to fall into the trap. She explained to me that being an Escort was all about companionship and being a good listener not at all as bad as it sounds. She told me about all of the safety checks in place that her Escort agency carries out for them. I was surprised at just how regulated the system was especially in London .We agreed that we would not tell her Father and that she could continue doing the job as long as she remains safe and is very sensible with what jobs she chooses to do. Rebecca has promised me that being an Escort is not a forever job. Just one she will do while pursuing other job opportunities.