Fan Mania at ‘Remember Me’ Premiere


Leicester Square is no stranger to film premières. The red carpet is regularly rolled out for the first screening of new films, and fans wait around all day for the chance to catch a glimpse of their favourite movie stars. Last night was no exception, as Robert Pattinson turned up for the première of his new film ‘Remember Me’, due for release on 2nd April.

London born Pattinson shot to fame when he was cast as the brooding vampire ‘Edward Cullen’ in the film ‘Twilight’. The role won hom hoards of female fans, including some of our London escorts. Unfortunately for them, Pattinson is now off the market as he has admitted to being in a relationship with his Twilight co star Kristen Stewart.

The fans were out in force at Leicester Square last night; some had camped there all day to get a good view of the red carpet where they would later see their heart throb. Robert Pattinson spent 1.5 hours speaking to journalists and presenters outside the Odeon Cinema, and happily posed for photos and signed autographs for fans. He seems to be coming to terms with his fame now, which had originally made him feel very uncomfortable. Pattinson looked relaxed and humble as the crowds of screaming girls chanted his name.

Films like ‘Remember Me’ are often overshadowed by big budget box office hits such as Alice in Wonderland and Avatar, so a large reception was not expected. However, the Twilight fans are truly devoted and the amount of people in Leicester Square would have suggested a much larger scale film. Pattinson posed for the paparazzi with his co star Emilie de Ravin, most recognised for her role as young mother Claire in ‘Lost’.

The story follows two young students in New York, showing a real and gritty side to love. The film drew some laughs and some gasps, but the most surprising part was the unexpected ending. It has received some criticism, but the ending removes any element of predictability from the film and proved to be quite moving.

Pierce Brosnan plays Pattinson’s father in the film, and gives a better performance than expected. His roles in the past have been quite wooden; he is of course most famous for playing James Bond. Each of the characters are believable, making the storyline more gripping.