Truth is Out on Hollywood Romance

The ‘Twilight’ series of book absolutely captivated our London escorts – we’ve never seen them so quiet. They followed the story of Edward and Bella, a vampire boy and human girl who get caught up in a forbidden romance. The media whipped up a frenzy that hadn’t been seen since the release of the Harry Potter books, especially after the first novel was made into a film.

British actor and native Londoner Robert Pattinson was cast in the lead role as Edward Cullen. Since then, he has won millions of fans across the globe and has become the biggest heart throb since Brad Pitt. The chemistry between him and his co-star, Kristen Stewart, was evident in the Twilight film. The pair were positively sizzling, fuelling speculation that there was some romancing going on behind the scenes.

At the time, Kristen was just 17 years old – below the legal age of consent in America. The pair vehemently denied that anything was going on, plus Kristen still had a long term boyfriend. That was back in 2008; since then, the sequel ‘New Moon’ has been released and caused even more hype at the cinemas and all over the tabloids. Stories were constantly being leaked about the two young stars being spotted together, but they continued to insist that they were just good friends.

Last night, Robert Pattinson confirmed for the first time that the pair are in fact together. They had planned their first public appearance as a couple at the Bafta awards, where Stewart won the “rising star” award. However, they were so concerned about the amount of havoc caused by the fans that they were forced to arrive separately in different cars. He described the situation as “extremely difficult”, and it is no exaggeration. Wherever he films, hoards of girls follow him, displaying the same signs of mass hysteria that was seen when The Beatles were at their peak.

American actress Kristen is now 19, and Robert is 23. They are believed to have been together since last year, and have already made it into polls rating the top celebrity couples. With at least 2 more films due to be released from the Twilight saga, it will make an interesting watch to see how the chemistry changes between the young lovers on screen now that their relationship has been made public.