Internet Date Ends in Tragedy

A 17 year old girl has been found dead in County Durham after meeting up with a stranger she met on the internet.

Police are reminding young women of the extreme dangers of the internet today. People can lie about any number of things on-line; their age, gender, occupation and location. They can create a character to entice you in, making themselves more appealing to you. However, women are urged not to meet up with someone they have met over the internet unless they are completely sure it is safe.

Detectives have now launched a murder investigation into the girl’s death, and are questioning a 32 year old man in connection with the incident. Neither has yet been formally identified; the girl’s body was found in a field in Sedgefield on Monday.

The suspect had been arrested by Durham Police earlier that evening for motoring offences. He alerted detectives and took them to the scene where the girl was found, near to the Little Chef restaurant near the A689 and A177 junction.

The teenager left her Darlington home on Sunday night, and told her mother that she was going to stay overnight with a friend. When she hadn’t heard from her daughter by Monday lunchtime, the mother became worried and was unable to reach the girl on her mobile. However, she was not reported missing by this stage. It is believed that the girl lied to her mother so that she could meet the man she had befriended on the internet in secret.

When the girl’s body was found, she was fully clothed and did not show any signs of having been sexually assaulted. The police could not see any obvious signs of how she had died.

The Police are still trying to work out who the suspect is; he has links to the Liverpool and Stockton areas, and is believed to be from around Merseyside. So far, the man has given a couple of different names; police are trying to identify him by using his fingerprints.

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