Help Her Hit the Spot

Masturbation is much less of a taboo these days, for both genders. Although it’s something that some still prefer to keep private and isn’t an advisable discussion for the work place, it’s now much easier to talk about with your other half or with your mates. We all know now that it’s completely normal and natural, and most people already assume that everyone else does it too. Our escorts in London are modern girls, and aren’t embarrassed about admitting that they do it!

The great thing about women masturbating is that it’s unlocking all kinds of new sexual desires in them; if they can bring themselves off, they’ll be able to show you exactly how they like it too. One mistake that both sexes make is worrying that if their other half masturbates, it means that they are not fully satisfied in the bedroom – but this is not the case. It’s just a different experience, used to relieve stress or even boredom. There are plenty of reasons to do it, but no couples should ever ban each other from the deed.

If you want to be included in your girl’s orgasms, try masturbating in front of each other. You might be a bit shy at first, but in flattering candle light you’ll soon reveal your inner sex god! Watching her pleasure herself will be a real turn on for you – you’ll be able to see just how she likes to be touched. She’ll get off from watching you too, so before long you might have to succumb and help each other out!

A large proportion of women can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation, rather than from penetration alone. Choose sexual positions where she can grind against your pubic bone, or where you can reach her clit with your fingers. Alternatively, let her touch herself while she’s riding you so you get a great view. Neither of you will be able to hold back for long like this; not only do you get to lie back and have a rest, but you’ll be able to see her whole body as well as the look of pure pleasure on her face.

If your girl is a bit shy, encourage her by telling her how sexy she looks while she does this. Compliment her on her body, and let her know how good it feels to watch her in action. Touching herself during sex is by no means an indication that you’re not enough – it’s just an added bonus for her. Imagine if you could masturbate at the same time as having sex… you’d at least want to try it, right?!