Food to Improve Sexual Performance

Do you ever feel lethargic with lack of energy? Are you worried about your performance in the bedroom? Here are some good tips on ways to increase your energy and performance level by putting the right food in your mouth! Whether you live the bachelor’s lifestyle and are waiting to have a hot steamy night with a beautiful outcall escort, or you’re in a steady relationship and looking for some sexy fun, eating the right food is definitely going to help stimulate your sexual sensations.

Sexual desires are governed by our brain, which also governs our appetite for food. Aphrodisiac foods are believed to enhance sexual desire, and also to stimulate the libido. It works through the presentation of the food, the smell and certain things the food contains that can increase our energy level, such as calcium, vitamins and phosphorus. Why not try some of the favourite aphrodisiac foods that have been used for centuries?

Oysters and seafood- the ocean offers a huge variety of foods, which contain high level of zinc. This helps the body to produce sperm and increases libido. Definitely worth a try!

Strawberries – the sweet aroma of strawberries is believed to increase your sexual desire for each other. They also give off a sweet, pleasant scent which will stimulate your senses. Just watch out for those strawberry seeds in your teeth… Try feeding them to each other to make things really hot.

Ginseng tea – not only will this warm you up, but it is great for men to enhance your sexual performance. It has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, and has also been found to combat tiredness in recent studies.

Ginger – this works similarly to ginseng; it increase blood circulation, riling up your body to leave you wanting more!

Banana – the shape of bananas is suggestive enough! Do not under estimate the power of visual effect. If you’ve ever seen a sexy girl with her lips wrapped around one, you’ll know what we mean. Besides, bananas can give you enough energy to go for an extra hour!

Chocolate- who can resist chocolate?! Choose one that has a high cocoa content, as cocoa contains certain elements that works as a sexual stimulant, and it also helps produce endorphins which make you and your woman feel good. It’s known as ‘the happy hormone’, creating feelings of general well-being.

With all of this on your plate, things could get a bit messy, but enjoy it! Whether you have a civilised dinner before retiring to the bedroom or you end up eating food off each other’s naked bodies, just go with the flow and you’ll have a great time.