Playing Games

Guys and girls are just as bad as each other when it comes to game playing. We’re not talking about Scrabble or Monopoly, but the games that we play with our other halves or potential partners. These psychological games can be very manipulative, but almost all of us are guilty of it to an extent. Our beautiful Putney escorts don’t even need to use any tricks to make men putty in their hands – luckily they’re so gorgeous that you’ll want to give them anything they ask for!

The games usually begin as soon as you have your eye on someone you’re attracted to. You might embellish the truth to make her like you more, such as giving yourself a better job title or inventing an interesting hobby. There’s always a chance of getting caught out, so it’s a good idea to stick to the truth as much as you can. If you can’t catch her attention, you might ttry one of the oldest tricks in the book: make her jealous. Let her see you out with a beautiful woman, laughing and flirting. Not only will she want to be that girl, but she’ll also wonder what’s so great about you – you must have some great qualities to pull a girl that gorgeous!

Making someone jealous can have bad consequences if you do it too far into a relationship with them. A woman might want more attention or affection from her partner, so will flaunt herself with other men in bars and clubs. This usually has completely the wrong effect, instead driving you further apart and causing arguments. The man might also assume she is being unfaithful and dump her because of it. Use this method with caution: it’s only good for getting someone’s attention!

Something girls can be very good at is making you think that an idea was your own, when actually it was hers. She’ll drop hints and suggestions that lead you to a certain conclusion, ensuring it’s exactly the outcome she was after! Very cunning. Watch out for this if she is asking questions and acting dumb, like she couldn’t possibly think for herself. This is when men step in, feeling all masculine and powerful because they have the solution; unfortunately, it was probably her idea first.

Playing games is not something that we grow out of – they’re a part of life and always will be. Rather than resenting being played, learn from the masters and accept that it works both ways!