A Woman’s Wrath…

They say that “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. Anyone who has encountered a lady with bad PMT will be able to relate to that! Because we think so differently, it can be difficult at times for men and women to understand each other. You might not think that you’ve said or done anything wrong, but she could disagree, leaving you in the doghouse with no idea why! Here are a few of the things that may wind up your woman without you realising.

The traditional roles of man and wife have been left far behind us in the past; women can not be expected to stay home and have dinner on the table by the time you come home from work. Now, women also want to pursue their careers and responsibilities in the home need to be split between you. If you’re not pulling your weight and neglecting your household chores, she’s likely to get pissed off. If the dishes are piling up, you can bet that her frustration is too!

It’s a common misconception that men want sex more than women; everyone’s libido is different, but ladies have very strong desires for sex. They have the same rejection fears as men, so if they make advances and you’re too tired or not in the mood, she may become very frustrated. If she has made an effort with sexy lingerie or a candlelit dinner, she will be even more peeved! Saying no can knock her self confidence, even if you have a valid reason for doing so. If you experience this, try to let her down gently and reassure her – perhaps you can arrange a time to catch up on your love making sessions.

You might be completely devoted to your wife and think that there’s no harm in looking at other girls. Of course, everyone still looks and fantasises about other people – even your Mrs. But if she catches you in the act, you’ll be in big trouble! Whether it’s ogling photos of sexy London escorts on the internet or eyeballing girls in the street, your other half will undoubtedly get the hump if she catches on. It will make her feel inferior, wondering why she’s not enough for you. When you’re together, only have eyes for her and you’ll remain her knight in shining armour. When you’re alone, you can look to your heart’s content without judgement!