The Appeal of the Bad Boy

Do you consider yourself to be a ‘bad boy’? It’s often synonymous with a womanizer or a Casanova; bad boys always seem to get the girl. But what’s the appeal they hold? Why don’t women want to be with a nice guy? Whether being bad comes naturally to you or it’s something you think you need to work on, here are some inside secrets shared by our Dacorum escorts .

There is a misconception about ‘bad boys’; being one does not mean that you have to abuse women, whether it’s physically or emotionally – that would just make you horrible. It simply means that you put yourself before anyone else, and don’t always give in to what a woman wants. Girls just can’t help themselves be attracted to a man like this, it makes them try harder to get his attention which keeps it exciting.

Girls are used to men bending over backwards to please them. When a man doesn’t do this and puts his own interests first, it makes her curious; it’s also a case of always wanting what you can’t have. If you’re obviously into her, it will be too easy, lacking the thrill of the chase. Yes, women do that too!

Girls always say that they’re looking for a man who is nice, kind, considerate, sensitive… but we’ll bet your bottom dollar that they’re already in the queue to sleep with the local lothario who treats women as if they’re disposable. What a woman wants isn’t necessarily the same thing as what she says she wants!

You don’t really need to change the way you dress to achieve a bad boy image. You might think that you need to look like one of the t-birds -leather jacket, fag in mouth, slicked back hair and a motorbike. But this view is very outdated, and if it’s not your natural style you may end up looking like a bit of a plonker. It’s more about your attitude; just get used to obeying your own pleasures and living for yourself. If that means cancelling a date to go to a football game with your mates, so be it. She might be annoyed at first, but it will keep her on her toes and prolong her interest in you.

You therefore have our permission to be selfish, looking out for number one! Just watch how the girls start hanging off your every word. You just might be onto a good thing being a bad boy…