Current Casual Attire

It’s all about the denim, well at the moment it is. Women’s fashions are changeable, like the weather (especially right now). However, when it comes to mens clothing, there is little in the way of choice. Every now and then you might come across a new item that has hit the retail market, waiting to be snapped up. Many men will stick to a safe bet when out shopping, opting for a new pair of jeans, trainers or tie to go with their office suit. But, how do men know what to buy when it comes to making real fashion choices? Women, and the London escorts have been known to make a mistake or two when it comes to their attire. With so many items thrown into the female fashion industry, it can be difficult to make the right decision.

Fashion can be outrageous, bright and a little too revealing, although this is mostly womenswear. For men, the items that enter the designer and high street stores are pretty traditional pieces. The cuts are safe and the styles are classic, however, there is always a modern twist. Gents, when looking to spruce up your wardrobe, it can be laborious having to traipse the shops looking for the right items. You needn’t worry anymore. We like to think, at V London, that we provide a fantastic service not just in the way of gorgeous girls but practical and helpful style advice. That’s what we’re here for.

So, with all the trends that are thrown at us, what one is right for you? The denim jacket has made its comeback. It’s this moments must-have. Denim can be a dodgy thing to get right, so take note of this. You can’t go wrong with the type of jacket you decide to buy, colour and tone of denim is not important. Although, we do like like light blue tailored denim styles that are out there. It is vital that consider how you wear and style it though. Double denim is always considered a nasty look, but there are ways in which it can work. Those English escorts that may often see the uber stylish of London, rocking the double denim will notice, that if they do it, they do it right. Choose to wear your jacket with either a denim shirt or jeans: never both! Always opt for a mix of light and dark; never choose the same shade of denim for top and bottom. Finally, try not to rock the double denim unless you are confident you can carry it off. Otherwise steer clear.

When wearing a denim jacket any other way, consider doing so over a shirt and die for a smart-casual feel. This tends to work best if you are opt for a darker denim, as it gives the feel of a smart jacket, whilst still keeping it comfy-casual. These jackets should mostly be worn loose and not done up, because they can end up pinching together and not looking altogether that flattering. Choosing a fitted denim jacket will mean that you are still slightly tailored but without the formal look. To complete the look, opt for a nice shirt, with a small collar or even with a t-shirt of your choice, dark trousers or jeans (choose the right ones) and some brogues/boots. You’ll be looking both dapper and datable when you rock one of these essential items.