Driving Blunders You Should Avoid

Most drivers will have experienced a bit of road rage at some point in their lives; even if you’re the safest driver in the world, you can’t control how other motorists behave on the road. We all like to think that we’re the best at it, but taking a closer look we all have to admit that we’ve picked up some bad driving habits along the way. If you have a beautiful woman such as a London escort in the passenger seat, you really want to impress her. Here are some of the most common driving blunders, so if any sound familiar to you now is the time to nip them in the bud!

People’s main peeve is failure to use indicators. If you’re turning, it’s so important that you flick on your left or right indicator to let other drivers know which direction you’re going in. So many collisions could have been avoided this way; if another vehicle doesn’t know you’re on the move, they may try to overtake you and end up crashing into you. If you haven’t indicated, it is your own fault!

If you like loud, bass driven music, assume that everyone around you doesn’t to be on the safe side. Even if you think you look really cool, driving along slowly with the windows down and music blaring out of your specially installed subs will make you look like an idiot. Period.

There’s no point honking your horn at traffic lights – it won’t make them change any quicker. The same goes for those few cars in front of you at the traffic lights; unless you suspect a driver has actually fallen asleep at the wheel, give them a chance to go when the light turns green. If you start beeping immediately, you’ll look impatient and rude. That two second delay really won’t make a difference to your life, so save yourself the stress.

When driving in the dark, you should only have your high beams on if there’s no other vehicles on the road. It’s usually down to forgetfulness, but if another car’s approaching they will be blinded unless you turn off your high beam. This could cause them to lose control of the car and crash, so do whatever you can to remind yourself which headlights are on!

Also avoid double parking (this will always make you look like an arrogant man who needs to overcompensate), driving too slowly and tailgating, and you’re sure to look like a gentleman on the road!