Make Yourself Indispensable

Nothing in life is guaranteed. It’s a harsh reality, but even the best workers can be made redundant, and the best lovers can be cast aside. Everyone likes to feel secure in their career and relationships, so the best way to protect yourself is to make yourself indispensable. Convince your employer, girlfriend or friend that they couldn’t possibly live without you – then you will hugely minimise the risk of losing them!

In Your Job For the last year, everyone has been feeling particularly unsettled about their jobs. Companies left, right and centre are filing for bankruptcy, going into administration or liquidation and making major cut backs. This has lead to one of the highest amounts of redundancies in recent years, and until the credit crunch turns around anyone could be at risk of losing their job. If your company needs to cut costs, they may well resort to employing fewer staff; make sure that you’re not one of the ones to go!

First of all, ensure that you complete all of the work expected of you. Make an effort to meet or exceed targets and not fall behind. Also, put in a few extra hours and make sure that the boss notices; be punctual and show a willing attitude. Try to use your initiative to do things without being asked, even if it’s small gestures like refilling the paper tray in the printer. Without being too much of a suck up, be friendly yet professional with your boss. Offer them a coffee or run errands for them – they will appreciate the extra effort. Soon, your employer will realise how valuable you are and won’t want to let you go!

In Relationships Women can be very high maintenance. Some men choose to spend time with Tottenham Court Road escorts instead of pursuing a relationship because they find it too much like hard work! But if you have a wife or girlfriend who you don’t want to lose, make sure they realise that you’re a good thing. This can take a lot of effort, but it pays off in the end.

Again, try to be punctual. If you have a date with her, don’t be late or keep her waiting. If it is unavoidable, let her know and make it up to her with a nice gesture. Women take notice if you pay them compliments, so do this when you can. Make her feel safe and secure – as her man, you are her protector and she will want to feel looked after. Don’t smother her or act too jealous; just let her know that you are there when she needs you.